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Where we come to celebrate our recovery with 12 step greeting cards, 
Because your friends always remember how you make them feel!!




"We only keep what we have
by giving it away"

If you send us an email with the following info I will send you a set of 8  anniversary cards for your homegroup (Or treatment center). No gimmicks... I will pay the shipping too! It's just my way of giving back and saying thank you.

I will need

Your name and mailing address
(so I can send the cards to you)

That's all I need!!

This is just my way of saying thank you!


My name is Hollie

and I am a grateful recovering addict.

 I would like to take this time to tell you a little about


When I joined the rooms in ’97 I really wanted to give back by doing some service work. I really wasn’t very good at getting there early to make the coffee, so I started just bringing in the cake and a card on someone’s anniversary. While at the store I would always try to pick up a card to send around for every one attending to sign for the anniversary person. Sometimes this was easier said than done… Most anniversary cards say “to the both of you” And the Birthday cards for 1-5 years have Barbie or Trains all over them. Neither of these were fitting. What I really wanted was an anniversary or birthday card for people in the rooms made by people in the rooms, A card that could really hit home. So I started making my own cards for the Homegroup members on their anniversary. They went over so well and the feed back I got was so wonderful that I decided to see if any one else would be interested in my cards. Since then, thanks to all of you we have had a whole lot of wonderful feedback from so many wonderful recovering people here. The most beautiful thing about recovery is that no matter where in the world you roam there is always a safe seat, a warm cup of coffee and a friend to talk to. Our cards are tailored to our new way of life. They are filled with 12 step slogans and I truly love to see someone smile when they receive them. People may not always remember what you have done (and sometimes this is a good thing) But they always remember how you make them feel. Recovery is a lot of hard work… But it is so worth it!!

Be remembered and send someone a card and a smile! It is the little things in life that we hold so dear to our hearts.

Celebrate your Recovery with PassItOnGreeting.com!

And keep coming back!


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